Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Road Trip Part 3

As I always say...better late than never. The last leg of our trip was HOME! YEA!

Our week was jam packed with fun from the minute we got there to the second we left for home. Swimming, beach, parties, a trip to Happy Feet, dinners out, you name it. We loved every second of it!
Jo took us to her favorite restaurant Saddle Peak Lodge. The english language lacks the words to explain this meal. The food, the service, the ambiance and most of all the company. Superb!
The whole evening was just perfect. It's been too long since I felt so content. We sat for what seemed like hours after we finished and just talked and talked. I love these three girls so much and feel so blessed to call them my friends.

Wednesday was Auntie M's 30th birthday. Fuuuuuun! We spent the day at the Santa Monica Pier walking around, playing games, and riding the roller coaster. Noelle thought it was all fun but she wanted the Roller Coaster, NOW! The second her booty hit the seat her arms went up and in the air and she was squealing with delight. Her enthusiasm is amazing.
For dinner that night we went for Koren BBQ and ate ourselves silly.
at the end of dinner, because it was her birthday, the restaurant so kindly gave Marin a 'champagne shower.' She was such a good sport and we all got some seriously good entertainment.
Saturday was the day for her big party. We all headed down to Manhattan Beach and partied our hearts out. So many people and so much fun!

And the food....we owned the food. :)
Sunday was Father's day. After our super late night of fun, we did not make it up in time for church. We could not get ourselves going for the day but Unc took Noelle outside and set up the Slip'n'Slide. Mommy & Daddy even got in on the fun wearing our pajamas!
A tender Father's Day moment. Daddy with his girl.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Road Trip 2010 Part 2

Monday night we arrived in Rexburg
(Auntie Nicole's wedding, YEA!)
and had a great reunion with Daddy.
Madeleine and Noelle had so much dang fun with their cousins.
They would play hard all day and then crash at night.
Riding the scooters, the swing set, all the doggies,
so many new family members, the list goes on.

Friday night everyone was in town and
Denise had a bachelorette party at her house for Nicole.
Yummy treats, fun games, and pretty lingerie!

Saturday morning was the big day.
She was a stunning bride.
It was such a happy day for all.
Plus, all six Jones siblings were together for the first time in almost 5 years.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Road Trip 2010 Part 1

Here's our plan:
Friday: Everyone drives from New Mexico to Utah
Monday: Girls drive from Utah to Idaho
Sunday: Daddy flies to Houston - Girls drive back to Utah
Monday: Girls drive to California
Friday: Daddy flies to California
Monday: Everyone drives back to New Mexico

Friday morning we loaded up our car with a lot of stuff and two sleepy girls.

The girls did great and the drive was surprisingly beautiful. The miles passed quickly, the conversation was good and about 4:30 we were so happy to almost be at the Leuck's. Until we were coming around the curve at Solider Summit just outside of Spanish Fork. A man on a motorcycle missed the curve and went over the side of the road. He flew over his handle bars and went head over feet over and over again. It was incredibly frightening. He was not breathing but by the time we got down the steep hill to him he began to take shallow breaths and was talking to us and begging to get up by the time help arrived, almost an hour later. We just pray he had a full recovery.

The minute we arrived Noelle was in full gear and ready to play with her friends. We hung out had a yummy dinner @ Cafe Rio and then we drove Daddy to Salt Lake to meet Grandpa. They drive back to Rexburg together and we stayed with our friends.

Oh, the fun that was had! Playing, yummy food, church, games, movies, and slip 'n' slid.


Monday afternoon we loaded back up and went over to visit with Julie and her twins. After a few hours we got back in the car and drove from Provo to Rexburg. The girls slept the whole time and I thoroughly enjoyed the peach and quiet. :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy, Happy Birthday Daddy Dear!

Daddy's Birthday was on Thursday and it's safe to say that Noelle
was waaaaaay more excited about it than he was.
The party started Wednesday with the Tim McGraw concert.
This is the only picture that we got because
at the gate they told me I had to take it back to my car. :(
The concert was fun but honestly, forgettable.

Thee next morning Noelle could hardly wait for him to get up.
We started off with a yummy breakfast.
Then Daddy and Noelle spent the afternoon running errands.
We've been wanting to try Five Guys burgers
so we headed there for dinner.
The food was yummy but the fries were not the
BEST EVER like my brother had said.
Then it was cake and presents at home.
Look at all that smoke!
He's sure gettin' old.

We love you so much Daddy...we're very glad you were born. ;)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Better late than never, eh?
We had a fantastic Memorial day weekend. I must say our days off are much more different now without all the people we know and our family. Not so crazy with all kinds of commitments and having to decide between activities.

After church on Sunday we BBQ'ed at the park by our house with people from our ward. Everyone was so nice and we had a great time. Madeleine spent the evening stealing food from all the tables. Nothing like walking around knawing on a piece of chicken, huh? The kids played themselves silly, the Moms chatted, and the Dads play a game called 'Cornhole.'

Afterwards we ran home got our kids in jammies and went over to the Hiatts to play games. We stayed up until way too late but it sure was fun!
The next day, I felt like I spent the whole day cooking in the kitchen and then cleaning up. What else is new? We went over the Hiatts again for another BBQ. The kids loved the trampoline and all the little girls just love Madeleine. Her nickname at home is 'Boppie' and it seems that it is sticking because all the little girls love calling her 'Boppie.' And it seems like all Madeleine did was eat cookies. Every time I turned around she had another one. Gotta love that girl!