Tuesday, April 13, 2010


That is life for us right now!

Unc came last week and helped us paint the house.
Oh, the craziness!
Driving all over town, making meals on the fly,
naps in the car, wiping noses,
the madness that goes along with house projects.

Friday morning was movers day.
I was up way too early getting things ready,
drove over to the house opened it up for them,
back to the apartment to get Noelle ready for her first ballet class.
Back to Rio Rancho to drop her off and meet up with the movers.

Here she is. Little Ballerina.
My heart could hardly handle it.
I made the mad dash back to the house where this was waiting for me.
I stood there with the world's largest bingo sheet,
marking off each item's number while they hauled my life into our house.
I put these poor guys on hold (again)
and I raced back to get my little ballerina.
Then we broke for lunch. Yum.
Unc was back at the apartment with a napping baby.
What a huge help that was!
I loved spending some time with my girl.
She had the time of her life!
Watching them bring all our 'stuff' out of the crates.
No time was wasted ripping boxes open
and reconnecting with her belongings.
I wasted no time getting the unpacking done.
We worked and worked and then, finally!
Time to pick up Auntie from her late night flight.
We missed her so much all week.
I only took a few pictures of our weekend. :(
Crashed out.
Poor Madeleine coloring on a paper towel
because I couldn't find a coloring book!

Sunday night was our first meal at home.
Good 'ol spaghetti.

Monday evening came and it was time to take them back to the airport.
I wonder how long it will take to get to the point where good-byes don't feel like your insides are being taken out?
We loved every minute of having them here.
We worked, laughed, shopped, and got so very much done.
The house is actually mostly unpacked and live able.
Most of all we just enjoyed seeing each other in person.
We love you Auntie & Unc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!