Friday, March 9, 2012


What's going on around here, you ask? A lot more of the same 'ol stuff. And not a lot of pictures to show for it.  Back and forth to school, meals, naps, dishes, laundry, church, diapers, you know!

My new lens is STILL back ordered. Madeleine got ahold of my camera and broke my other lens for real. Now it will be spending the next few weeks in the shop.  Such a bummer.

The babies were picked to be extras for a TV show.  That kept us super busy for several weeks, but nothing for the last couple, so things have slowed down.  It was fun but the waiting takes over your life!

Spring break starts Monday. YEA!

Big girls are getting their tonsils out Wednesday. BOO!
Yep, both on the same day. Ripping that band-aid right off

These babies turned 6 months old. 
I cannot get enough of that baby boys smile.
He flashes it at EVERYONE he meets.
And Courtney...I love your stunned look.

This picture is so typical of our house. 
The girls cannot leave these babies alone.
And somehow a flashlight got involved.

The love to make a big deal out of all the holidays.
Aren't these Valentines just awesome?!

 We started the morning with red heart shaped pancakes.

Candy sent from Grandma.

And a great outfit for school!

Heart shaped pizza for dinner.

And we dipped strawberries ourselves!

Couldn't you just cover her in kisses and nibble those precious feet?

Watch out Bon Jovi!

This stinker somehow kicked herself out of her jammies.

I ran over to a friends house to snap a few 7 month old pictures.
Oh, we just love them both so much!   

More better blogging to come!