Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Road Trip Part 3

As I always say...better late than never. The last leg of our trip was HOME! YEA!

Our week was jam packed with fun from the minute we got there to the second we left for home. Swimming, beach, parties, a trip to Happy Feet, dinners out, you name it. We loved every second of it!
Jo took us to her favorite restaurant Saddle Peak Lodge. The english language lacks the words to explain this meal. The food, the service, the ambiance and most of all the company. Superb!
The whole evening was just perfect. It's been too long since I felt so content. We sat for what seemed like hours after we finished and just talked and talked. I love these three girls so much and feel so blessed to call them my friends.

Wednesday was Auntie M's 30th birthday. Fuuuuuun! We spent the day at the Santa Monica Pier walking around, playing games, and riding the roller coaster. Noelle thought it was all fun but she wanted the Roller Coaster, NOW! The second her booty hit the seat her arms went up and in the air and she was squealing with delight. Her enthusiasm is amazing.
For dinner that night we went for Koren BBQ and ate ourselves silly.
at the end of dinner, because it was her birthday, the restaurant so kindly gave Marin a 'champagne shower.' She was such a good sport and we all got some seriously good entertainment.
Saturday was the day for her big party. We all headed down to Manhattan Beach and partied our hearts out. So many people and so much fun!

And the food....we owned the food. :)
Sunday was Father's day. After our super late night of fun, we did not make it up in time for church. We could not get ourselves going for the day but Unc took Noelle outside and set up the Slip'n'Slide. Mommy & Daddy even got in on the fun wearing our pajamas!
A tender Father's Day moment. Daddy with his girl.