Thursday, April 29, 2010

E-Mail to Unc

Noelle likes to send e-mails to Auntie & Unc. This morning she was up before Madeleine and wanted to send one. Normally, she lets me hold her fingers and we type out the keys. Not today! She wanted to do it by herself. Shocking for a pre-schooler, I know.

i love unc noelle
shark eats a little rock
auntie and unc and noelle go to costco
sean shares rocket

She insisted her name be on the same line as 'I love unc.'
She had to be pink because she's so pretty and her unc loves her.
Auntie should be pink too because she's very pretty.
Other colors were very thought out and specific to the words for various reason.
Lastly, I need to put a sticker on it! (happy face icon which would not transfer over.)