Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Birthday America!

Even though it felt like everyone in California was getting together for the 4th of July (not to mention missing Naomi's blessing) we still have a super fun holiday.

Saturday morning we went to a ward potluck breakfast at the park. I did not get out my camera because the sprinklers came on and the little kids thought it was funny to turn the heads around so it sprayed all of us and the food! I was not happy about my freshly blow-dried hair getting soaking wet. Grrrr...

Then Daddy took the girls to the mall while I got to go with Tracy & Stephanie to a couple of stores. It was a great break and we had some good laughs.

That afternoon we just hung out at home, made some food and our cake!
Then we headed over to the Hiatt's (Tracy) for dessert and fireworks.

The girls were stunned and slightly freaked out when they first saw them but it took no time for them to warm up. It was a fun night
Sunday after church the Ehat's (Stephanie) had us over for Tri-Tip and games. Super fun, but no pictures. Then they were going to watch fireworks but I felt beat and my kids had missed their bedtime too many nights in a row so we bagged it. All in all, we had a great time and are grateful for the people we are getting to know and the friends we are making!