Monday, March 15, 2010

New Mexico

I posted most of these on Facebook, sorry but it's faster!
But here they are again with a little more info.
Family Night @ Chuck E. Cheese's. Can you believe we have NEVER taken Noelle there?
Fun was certainly had by all, but Madeleine had the most out of anyone.
She loved all of it, the noise, the lights, the people.

Watching the snow fall.

We took the train to Santa Fe, just for the fun of it, it's only about 50 miles.

Little Hot Chocolate mouth.

She could not wait for that train to come.

Beautiful church.

We had lunch at this organic Cafe called Pasqual's.
The Kale salad was almost like a religious experience.
Yum. Yum. Extra Yum.

Now onto the house...
This is in the kitchen looking to the left. Dining area.
Yes, you do in fact see: DOUBLE OVENS!
My requirement for moving was that I would get a fantastic kitchen (i.e. lots of counter space with NO GROUT, lots of cupboards, and double ovens. I think my requirement was met.) But now that so many loved ones are so far, who am I going to make wonderful food for? :(

Looking from the door to the backyard into great room/kitchen. Straight back is the front door. When walking through the front door directly to the right are french doors into the office.

Looking from kitchen into great room. The kitchen sinks is also made out of Corian, isn't that great? When you are cutting produce you can just slide it right into the sink.
Master is to the right, two girls rooms & their bathroom to the left.
Fireplace. Now we have a mantle to hang our stockings.

Girls Bathroom...double sinks! How many arguments will be avoided?

Sunday Morning Wake-Up

First of all, before we get started,
what do you notice about this picture?

Yesterday was yucky daylight savings. Boo! So we let Daddy sleep in for a little while. Then the girls couldn't stand it anymore, they went in and gave him a proper wake up call with all kinds of hugs & kisses. If you're going to get woken up, this has got to be the best way to do it.

They even gave each other hugs & kisses. I love them so much!