Sunday, January 31, 2010


Noelle gave her first talk in Primary today.
She was so excited and did a GREAT job!
The topic was, "My Heavenly Father Loves Me."
I helped her put it together but she did most of the actual writing.
"I know Heavenly Father loves me because I have so many blessings.
Some of the blessings He has given me are: my friends, my family, Jesus Christ, my house, fruit, Strawberry Shortcake, windows, love, my teacher Mrs. Andrea, and birds.
Another way we can all know that Heavenly Father loves us is by reading the scriptures.
First John 4:9 In this was manifested the love of God toward us, because that God sent His only begotten son into the world, that we might live through him.
I am thankful for all the blessings I have."

Friday, January 29, 2010

Happiest Place On Earth

Obviously, there are a few things we want to do before we leave California and Disneyland was #1 on my list. We took advantage of the 2-fer tickets, Pricelined ourselves a hotel room and off we went. It was pretty much perfect!
It was a complete surprise for Noelle and she had the time of her life. She went on every ride including Space Mountain & Matterhorn! Pirates of the Caribbean was by far her favorite and Nemo would be second.

Madeleine was such a trooper! She hung out in the stroller, loved the rides, and would fall asleep when she felt like it.

When it was over I cried.
Becuase it was so wonderful and because it was over.
I love California.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Officially Official

I've been putting this off...and off...and off...and off some more.

I guess I really did not think everything would fall into place.

I love California and more importantly, the people I love so much reside here.

Aaron was offered a promotion that was too good to pass up.

In this economy they are few and far between, so we had to take the opportunity.

Land of Enchantment....are you ready for the Jones Family?!

Aaron leaves on 2/1 and we will follow at the end of the month.

We are excited and looking forward to the opportunity but my heart is broken.

So, anyone know someone who is looking to rent a house in Simi Valley, CA?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

What Do you Suppose...

went on in her crib over night for this to happen?
Exactly where did Noelle think she was going?
I should have asked.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas 2009! we go. There were so many pictures, choosing was impossible.

Here we have Noelle's little Christmas program at school with Mrs. Andrea. The kids were fantastic. Noelle was so very, very excited to see me and kept pointing and telling everyone I was her Mommy and Madeleine was her sister. Here's to hoping she always feels that way. :) They sang some really cute songs but the most popular, by far, was jingle bells because they got to make, wear, and jingle their bracelets. Then they got to open their gift from Mrs. Andrea.
Next, was our Ward party. It was awesome. So much work went into it!
My very, very, very part was when Noelle, Carly & Sean welcomed the Jolly Man himself with their version of "Here Come Santa Clause." Hilarious & precious.
Noelle was so into Santa, she could not wait to get on his lap!

Madeleine's experience was a little different.

We had a jammie Christmas with Auntie & Unc. We ordered Chinese food, wore jammies and opened presents. Poor Aaron did not get a chance to change after work. Noelle was so considerate and made sure every got turns opening presents. Little Miss M was a great present opener for her age. She just ripped that paper right off. She totally picks up on the moods around her, when things are exciting and festive, so is she. It was a very special night.

Now we are on to our million mile trip! Noelle truly is the perfect car child. You never hear a single complaint out of her. She loves it, never even asks to go potty! Madeleine on the other hand, had some rough spots. The worst part? She gets car sick, too. I let her eat chips because it was keeping busy. A while later, she barfed. Everywhere. And her suitcase was at the very bottom of an enormous pile in the back. Bad. Very bad. Before we made it back home to CA she would repeat her her episodes a few more times. Bad. Very Bad.

We stopped in Springville, UT to stay the Leuck's for the night. We had a great time! The girls played and the adults talked. They were fantastic hosts. In the morning we ground wheat for our waffles...the best I've ever had! My only complaint? We had to leave. :(

Christmas jammies the night before and Christmas Morning! Oh, what a joy it is to see the magic through your babies' eyes. Noelle was amazing. She got the pink bike she has wanted (well, not the exact $220 bike) but she hasn't noticed the difference. We had a great time together, our little family.

After we got showered and had breakfast 3 of Aaron's sisters came over with their families and we opened presents. It took hours!!!!! But, the kids got all kinds of fun things and they were over the moon.

Noelle's birthday! My sweet girl had a fantastic day. I had come down with the flu and was feeling horrible but nothing was going to stop me from being with her. Outside it was snowing like crazy but we went to Aunt's Nicole's condo and swam in the indoor pool. On the way home we got lunch and drinks from the Sonic. Love those drinks!

Once at home, I hit the bed for a couple hours trying to gather some strength. Then we went to The Rex (movie theater, arcade, bowling, bounce house, pizza, ice cream all rolled into one) for a bouncing good time! And a GOOD time it was.

I forgot my Cupcake pan at home and almost cried because I was so disappointed. So, the night before I somehow got some cupcakes made. They got smooshed in the box but considering were pretty cute.

All in all it was a birthday almost any girl would die to have. She absolutely deserves all of it and so much more.

While I was a miserable mess in bed, Nicole took these pictures of my sweet baby. She was playing one minute and asleep on the floor the next!

The snow was gorgeous! As we were packing up the car I snapped a few pictures.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Yes, I know I still have to blog about our Trip AND Christmas AND Noelle's Birthday. But, that seems too overwhelming. So, here are some pictures we took at the park today. There were so many cute pictures it was impossible to choose!

This little stinker was way too busy to have her picture taken but I got a couple in.
She rode her new bike to the park today.
She's just way too big!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


There have been lots of funny things said around here lately but I've forgotten most of them. Dang!

While driving in the car Noelle woke up with a start and was grabbing her leg. I asked if her foot was asleep and she whined, "Nooooooo! It's just got sparkles in it!"

Yesterday we went and saw the Dr. for Noelle's 4 year old check-up. First of all, it was kind of a surreal experience. I'm not used to having a kid that does most of the talking. She just seemed SO big to me telling Dr. Kasel that her favorite fruit was apples, taking deep breaths, hopping on one foot, letting her look in her throat and up her nose. To be honest it seemed so easy compared to taking a baby! Until there was blood...

They did not have her iron levels on file so Dr. Kasel wanted to do a finger prick. They are so fast and do not hurt at all, until the nurse squeezed her finger and she saw the blood. Then things got a little crazy. She pretty much calmed down after the band aid was applied. Then Madeleine had to get her booster for the H1N1. Oh, dear. "No! No! No! You can't hurt my Madeleine!" But, this too, was over in a second.

We got everyone packed up and animal cookies in hand. I was checking out and I turned to look at Noelle. Her little face was as white & pasty as you could imagine. I asked her if she was OK and she told me that she was tired and her knees started to buckle. The nurse heard us and helped her onto the ground and called the nurse practitioner out. She kept saying that she was tired and then was out. It only lasted a few seconds. We kept asking her questions, got her a juice box and after about 5 minutes she was ready to leave. I felt so bad for my little sweetheart! We came home, I gave her one of Daddy's See's suckers, let her crawl under our covers, and watch cartoons in our bed. She deserved it.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Back In Town

We've been gone. A lot. Too much. Aaron and I went to Albuquerque. Alone! It was awesome. More on that later.

We spent Christmas/New Years with Aaron's family in Idaho. It was cold and there was lots of snow. A flu riddled mommy, a car sick baby, and all kinds of other fun. Oh, and my baby's 4 years old. Someone tell me how on earth that happened! Noelle had an awesome day.

Here's a sneak peak! When I put all the clothes away and can see over the piles I have laying all over my house I will write more.