Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Babies

After a hectic and somewhat frustrating morning we finally go out.
We ended up at the aquarium/botanical gardens.
The girls were so good and we a wonderful time.
The weather was perfect.
Madeleine stayed in her stroller without complaint.
Noelle listened and stayed right by me.

It is difficult for me to put how I feel about being a mother into words. They are a dream come true. My heart beats for them. They have done nothing but bless my life. I admit, there are times, I think of what life would be like sans children. The clothes! The vacations! The free time! But those thoughts are fleeting and without them life would just plain suck.
She is such a sweet, tender girl. After she wakes up each morning she climbs into bed with me and I rub her back. I cherish these times and hope they never end. I cannot get enough of her endless, positive energy. She makes friends park. She'll walk right up and ask their name and friends. She loves any and all music but her favorite is hip-hop. She loves the beat. When she hears a song, she immediately knows whether she likes it or not. And she'll memorize it in no time. Her mind is like a steel trap and forgets nothing. Anywhere we go, anything we eat, anything we's locked in for good. Don't make her a promise you can't keep! She loves books and reading is a favorite pass-time. Her mind is a curious one and soaks up information constantly. Lastly, her hero and love of her life is DADDY.
I love her sweet face, soft skin, infectious smile, and happy-go lucky personality.
Oh, boy. This girl runs me ragged. Her curiosity is insatiable. Toys are for babies, she wants big people stuff (as in everything in the cupboards.) The best thing she has going for her right now (besides her blue eyes) is her facial expressions. They keep me smiling every day. Her favorite word is Mama and it never gets old. Her loves of dogs is not normal but it will be fun to see how long it holds out. Every single part of her body is chubby and I can't get enough of it. Speaking of chubby, let's talk about her love of food. She will eat any & everything. Although, she has no problem spitting certain things right out. The minute she wakes up she is asking for food and it continues all day. My favorite thing? She was born a cuddle bug and still is. I could snuggle her little body all day long.
Her quirky personality, adorable waddle, and tongue that is always hanging out.
I love every inch of her.