Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Month One

It's 4am, I can't sleep, and I don't have the patience to deal with blogger's unbearable formatting madness. This will have to do for now. Enjoy these precious little sweetie bums.
Let it suffice to say that the first month flew by, and I mean FLEW by in a flash.
Auntie and Unc came for a weekend.

Big sissies could not get enough of these babies. Especially, Noelle...
I had no idea what a little Mommy she would be!

Noelle is crazy about both of them.
She actually tries to love Courtney more because she's a girl.
But Adam is too irresistible.

Daddy did his fair share of snuggling!
Singing "Hush Little Baby"
Makes my heart hurt.
Love them both so much.
And someone started school! My kindergartner. Be still my heart.
Oh, how hard it was for me to send her off with Daddy. But all in all, he did a great job. She's gone every day from 9-4, with a half day on Wednesday. It's long but she does not mind a bit. We lucked out getting the best teacher in the whole school. Noellie loves every minute of being one of Mrs. Berglund's Bears.