Wednesday, January 6, 2010


There have been lots of funny things said around here lately but I've forgotten most of them. Dang!

While driving in the car Noelle woke up with a start and was grabbing her leg. I asked if her foot was asleep and she whined, "Nooooooo! It's just got sparkles in it!"

Yesterday we went and saw the Dr. for Noelle's 4 year old check-up. First of all, it was kind of a surreal experience. I'm not used to having a kid that does most of the talking. She just seemed SO big to me telling Dr. Kasel that her favorite fruit was apples, taking deep breaths, hopping on one foot, letting her look in her throat and up her nose. To be honest it seemed so easy compared to taking a baby! Until there was blood...

They did not have her iron levels on file so Dr. Kasel wanted to do a finger prick. They are so fast and do not hurt at all, until the nurse squeezed her finger and she saw the blood. Then things got a little crazy. She pretty much calmed down after the band aid was applied. Then Madeleine had to get her booster for the H1N1. Oh, dear. "No! No! No! You can't hurt my Madeleine!" But, this too, was over in a second.

We got everyone packed up and animal cookies in hand. I was checking out and I turned to look at Noelle. Her little face was as white & pasty as you could imagine. I asked her if she was OK and she told me that she was tired and her knees started to buckle. The nurse heard us and helped her onto the ground and called the nurse practitioner out. She kept saying that she was tired and then was out. It only lasted a few seconds. We kept asking her questions, got her a juice box and after about 5 minutes she was ready to leave. I felt so bad for my little sweetheart! We came home, I gave her one of Daddy's See's suckers, let her crawl under our covers, and watch cartoons in our bed. She deserved it.