Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy, Happy Birthday Daddy Dear!

Daddy's Birthday was on Thursday and it's safe to say that Noelle
was waaaaaay more excited about it than he was.
The party started Wednesday with the Tim McGraw concert.
This is the only picture that we got because
at the gate they told me I had to take it back to my car. :(
The concert was fun but honestly, forgettable.

Thee next morning Noelle could hardly wait for him to get up.
We started off with a yummy breakfast.
Then Daddy and Noelle spent the afternoon running errands.
We've been wanting to try Five Guys burgers
so we headed there for dinner.
The food was yummy but the fries were not the
BEST EVER like my brother had said.
Then it was cake and presents at home.
Look at all that smoke!
He's sure gettin' old.

We love you so much Daddy...we're very glad you were born. ;)