Thursday, April 22, 2010


Something that made my girls giggle:

Rio Rancho, (the city we live in) has so many great parks! Today we went with Noelle's new friend, Savannah, to a park a couple miles from our house. This place was full of all sorts of fun climbing, jumping, swinging and playing toys. But, this slide was the clear winner.

Something that made me giggle:

New appliances!!!

Put this one down in the record books folks, because I can assure you these words won't be uttered again from my mouth.

Doing laundry is kind of fun!

Then, there's this baby, It's big and it's beautiful.

My favorite feature? You can program how much water it dispenses at one time. So, no more overflowing when your little one gets her own drink of water. Or when you completely space out.