Monday, February 8, 2010

Our Week...

Here are some highlights of our busy week, we had something going on every day! We sadly saw Daddy off at the airport for his first week of work in Albuquerque. It was literally painful to see him walk away. Not just because I would miss him so much, but because it means the time to move is coming near.

On to the fun parts of our week!

Noelle has been asking for french fries, so after school I surprised her with lunch at In 'n' Out.

It was yum, yum, extra yum! We even shared a chocolate shake on the way home.

We went to the Huntington Library. I love that place with all my heart. My only complaint? We had to leave! There is so much to see and not enough time. The kids had the best time of anyone, like always.
I got to go out to dinner at Palate with my cousin, Marin. It was unbelievable!
As always, thanks to the world's best babysitters for make it possible.
Friday, we went to Jakey's 4th birthday party. We were a little late but made it just in time for pin the nose on Mickey, Cupcakes, and a serious session of 'freeze dance.' Too much fun!
Then we were off to the airport to pick up Daddy.

Saturday after a day of running errands we went over to Grandma's to celebrate her 82nd birthday. We played together, laughed, ate bar-b-que, and had cupcakes made by Marin. What more could you want? I love this picture of Noelle, I took about 4 of them because she could not take her eyes of the cupcakes.
Then it was Sunday and already time for Daddy to fly back. :(

I was changing M's diaper when Noelle woke up and came in the bed to snuggle with Daddy. While I was getting my camera out a certain someone found some left over snacks in my bag from Disneyland. Nothing like a naked baby eating in bed.