Monday, January 9, 2012

Month Three (part II)

Face painting from the State Fair...
They were in heaven!

Morning jammies!

Got Noelle out the door to school and came back to this... 

Madeleine and Britton at Carter's baptism lunch.
Wouldn't they have the cutest blue eyed babies together? 

Balloon Fiesta!
By far my favorite time of year around here.
It always begins the first Saturday in October and goes until the following Sunday.
8 whole days of balloons!
We got everyone bundled and loaded in the car way before the sun came up.

Noelle's very favorite is the bee family.

There is every type of balloon you cannot even imagine!

Too bad the winds picked up and they all just had to deflate.
Such a disappointment. :(

The second weekend Grandma and Grandpa Jones came for the babies' blessing.
We went to the last glow of the Fiesta but got stuck in traffic, had to park really far away,
and got there just to see the last few light up and everyone start taking everything down.
Another disappointment!  But what we did see was beautiful.

 But, Sunday morning the wind was in our favor.
All the balloons were blowing right in our direction.
This picture does not even do it any sort of justice...
hundreds of balloons flying right over our house!
Everyone is always so friendly up in the sky,
they all wave and say, "Good Morning!"

Then we were off to church where Aaron got to bless two babies. 
Talking about amazing. 

There are times where I can't help but wonder who's idea this was...
it's so hard!
But more often times I wonder why I am so blessed.

 That afternoon we met up at the park with our great friends
and had a wonderful lunch.
The food was yummy, the company was great,
the kids ran around having a blast without restrictions.
Best of all? 
I did not have to clean before everyone came
and again once they left!

Month three also included lots of smile, coos,
and conversations with Daddy.

When Daddy has to spend nights away from home we
pile on the big bed and do bed time together!

And just because he I can never get enough of his cute face.
I need to figure a way to make them stop growing!

The babies also got their first bottles.
It was a hard day, honestly, a really hard few days
and I thought the exhaustion would do me in.
The babies had been nursing all afternoon and were so unhappy.
I had somehow gotten dinner on the table,
but now the sink was full, the counters dirty,
and I was about to lose it.
So, I gave in and used some of the formula samples...
I cried the whole time.
But, this little ray of sunshine lightened my heart.
"Mama!  These bottle things are soooooo cool!"

The tooth fairy also came.  Twice!!!!
The bottom teeth had already started to grow in before the others fell out,
so no gaps in her smile as of yet.
But the top two are loose and should come out soon.

 The babies had their first hotel stay. 
Daddy had some work in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.
He hates leaving us and since there was no school that Friday, we tagged along.

 Then went to explore the town.
Once again with a dead camera battery.
The fall colors were stunning and
we had fun exploring the town while Daddy finished.

 October is also when we get to visit Noelle's ballet class.
Because it's in Miss Carrie's loft area that she turned into a ballet studio,
there is not room for visitors, so once a year Mommies get to go watch.
She's a perfect ballerina!

We're getting there!  Month four and we'll be caught up and I can start blogging in real time.