Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Road Trip 2010 Part 1

Here's our plan:
Friday: Everyone drives from New Mexico to Utah
Monday: Girls drive from Utah to Idaho
Sunday: Daddy flies to Houston - Girls drive back to Utah
Monday: Girls drive to California
Friday: Daddy flies to California
Monday: Everyone drives back to New Mexico

Friday morning we loaded up our car with a lot of stuff and two sleepy girls.

The girls did great and the drive was surprisingly beautiful. The miles passed quickly, the conversation was good and about 4:30 we were so happy to almost be at the Leuck's. Until we were coming around the curve at Solider Summit just outside of Spanish Fork. A man on a motorcycle missed the curve and went over the side of the road. He flew over his handle bars and went head over feet over and over again. It was incredibly frightening. He was not breathing but by the time we got down the steep hill to him he began to take shallow breaths and was talking to us and begging to get up by the time help arrived, almost an hour later. We just pray he had a full recovery.

The minute we arrived Noelle was in full gear and ready to play with her friends. We hung out had a yummy dinner @ Cafe Rio and then we drove Daddy to Salt Lake to meet Grandpa. They drive back to Rexburg together and we stayed with our friends.

Oh, the fun that was had! Playing, yummy food, church, games, movies, and slip 'n' slid.


Monday afternoon we loaded back up and went over to visit with Julie and her twins. After a few hours we got back in the car and drove from Provo to Rexburg. The girls slept the whole time and I thoroughly enjoyed the peach and quiet. :)