Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Month Four

Let me just start out with a HUGE shout out to Heather (aka KickButtMommy) for suggesting I use Picasa to upload my photos, don't know why I didn't think of it. 
But, indeed, I do believe it is saving my sanity!

Welcome to Month Four!
These two little sugar lumps are just too sweet for words.
Noelle wanted to take pictures and they turned out pretty cute.
My lense is broken and, therefore, I cannot properly meter my pictures.
Come February and we get out tax return...
I get a new one! 
Pictures will hopefully improve.

After the babies she turned the camera on us.  :)

Courtney girl is not the most 'smiley' baby.
And she cries.  A lot.
But here I got lucky!

Doing a little tummy time.
Someone decided she'd rather chew on her hands.

Noelle is the most wonderful little Mommy.
She is crazy about her babies and helps her Mama so much.
♥ my sweet, special girl.

It's me!  For real.  I am not a figment of your imagination.
I hate that there are so few pictures of my with my kids.
I am working on it. 
Regardless of how I look now,  I will look at these pictures in
20 years I will long for the old me.

One morning the power was we took pictures.
Here's a motion shot.
Sorry if it grosses you out.  I think it's funny!

And sang and danced and all other sorts of fun.

After taking the babies for their 4 month shots,
we ran over to the school to join Noelle for their Thanksgiving feast. 
Here she is with her friend Emilee.

Me again! 
With my little Cranky just where she likes to be,
Attached to Mama!

Daddy came home with a huge cake,
And let the girls eat it on the floor.
In their pajamas.
After they brushed their teeth.
With fake knives.
Such a mess.  Ugh.

My handsome, handsome son.
Let me tell you how unprepared I was for the love of my boy.
Everyone told me, but until you experience it...

And my darling Courtney girl.
I think of her as my bonus. 

Mrs. Berglund also put on her own Thanksgiving feast.
Cornbread muffins and vegetable soup, the kids made themselves!
Noelle was devastated that I had to leave before we ate,
 but the babies were done.  At least we got to see the songs
that she practiced and practiced.

Here is our Thanksgiving table.
Several families from our ward got together and we had our meal at the church.
So paper goods it was.  :)
The food was yummy (albeit a little cold) and the kids loved having free
reign of the entire building to run, play basketball, and whatever else...
Not sure I will do it again though.  Ha!

The Drakes brought kids Thanksgiving Bingo, complete with toys.
Such a great idea, it was a huge hit.

The next day was someone's birthday!

So excited to be THREE!

After a breakfast of what they call 'oven pancakes'
off to the nail salon we went.

She loved getting pampered,
although it was hard to stay still.

After a late lunch of her requested
Pizza and bread sticks we headed over to
Itz for some games and fun.

Then finally home for cake.
The Bakers joined us.  Steph was home with napping babies
The Bakers have 18 month old boy/girl twins.
It's fun!!!
Madeleine was insistent on a pink dinosaur cake from Costco,
rather than Mommy making her one.
Ya, I am sure Daddy had a little bit to do with that.

I love my sweet Madeleine.
She sure keeps me on my toes but
I am eternally grateful that I get to be her Mommy.

We started off the holiday season by decorating a gingerbread house.
It sat there for two days and I thought the anticipation would kill them.
Then there's the not being able to pick off all the candy and eat it.

Early December brought us our big first snow!
And along with it 3 whole days off of school.

Just one more post and we'll be all caught up. 
Thanks for sticking with me. ♥