Monday, February 13, 2012

The Dilemma

Just put both babies down to sleep which unfortunately is not all that common.  And let me tell you, when they're both awake, I am otherwise useless. This is my constant dilemma:  what do I try and tackle first from my seemingly endless list of things I HAVE to do?  Work on laundry?  Vacuum?  Pick up messes?  Mop the floors?  Spend some one-on-one time with Madeleine?  Get dinner started?  Make phone calls?  Change the sheets? Ugh.  I could go on for days.....


Do I lay down and take a well deserved break because I am ALWAYS exhausted?  If I do that then the rest of the day I feel so overwhelmed and just plain grumpy because my house is trashed.  And I have a million things I feel I need to do but can't get done because there are 5 other people that always need something from me. 

"Hey, sweetie?"

Can you tell I am having one of those days?  Or, um, weeks? 

Anyone have a personal assistant they want to lend me?  Hello?  Hell-ooooooo?!

And Aaron has agreed that keeping the office for his use only is a complete waste of space.  It's been two months since we came to this decision, but have we had the time to clear it out and sell the furniture?  Nope.  Having that play room will change me life!  Just have to get around to it...