Friday, January 27, 2012

Roll Over

TWO post in a single day? 

Trying to get the babies to roll over on camera. 
Not successful, but suuuuuure cute!
You see those bird pictures sitting on the floor? 
They've been there for over a year. 
Just sitting.
I'm lame!

FYI: the red spots on Courtney's head and chest are called Hemangiomas.  They are little tumors caused by a collection of blood vessels.  They are harmless and our Pediatrician is confident they will have disappeared by themselves by the time she is two.

Someone loves dressing up!

An Introduction

Hello!  My name is Courtney Ann Jones.
A.K.A:  Cranky Courtney, The Crank, The Crankster, Courtney Girl

Why do they call me this, you ask? 

Well, I will just let this picture speak for itself...

I cry.  A lot.  But whatever.  It's just how I roll. 
Just hold me all the live long day (you'd better be standing up!)
and you won't hear a peep out of me unless I am really tired or hungry. 

But I do have my good moments,
a girl's gotta throw her Mama a bone once in a while.

I am just so cute! (And tiny compared to my other siblings.)
Everyone loves me to pieces regardless of what I do or how I act.


Hello!  My name is Adam Everett Jones.
AKA:  Good Boy, Bubbas, The Bubs, Adam Boy

I am such a good baby. 
I smile, play with my feet, and make cute baby boy noises.
But, hey, just don't come between this boy and his milk!
That really gets me riled up and nothing else will do. 
I will also admit, there are times when I just really need some snuggles and
my Mama is always happy to give her boy what he needs. 

 My sister and I have been trying oatmeal and it's not too shabby!
I have been a little reluctant to eat (see previous conversation about milk)
but I am catching on.

 We love being twins and growing up together!!!