Saturday, January 14, 2012

Some More of Month Four...

I missed some pictures last time that are just too good to pass up.

Something we love about Courtney is when you talk to her, she looks at you.
And I mean looks.  She is locked in on you and hangs on your every word.

 This morning while Daddy sat on the edge of the tub and put his shoes on,
she was dialed right in.  And look at her little toes. 
She's always rubbing her little feet together or against her blankets.
She's even gotten little sores on them!

 And can you say teething?

We love their sweet soft bodies.
They'd be in nothing but diapers all day, every day
if were up to their Mama. 
That way I could nibble them whenever I wanted!

And without warning someone usually crashes and burns.
This morning it was Bubbas.
"Give me milk now!"

Here they are with Kelsi's blankets. 

Lucky me!