Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Than Doubly Blessed...

Last week we had out 18 week ultrasound. The babies are PERFECT. The tech took her time and did all the measurements twice and then Dr. Gonzalez (perinatologist) came in and double checked everything and spent a great deal of time on their hearts.

Our Baby Boy

Our Baby Girl

Sweet Baby Girl in 3D

Baby boy was not very cooperative and she could not get him in 3D.

I think she absolutely has Madeleine's little button nose!

They are laying in the transverse position, across my belly, feet to feet. Baby brother pulled his feet over his head and his sister spent her time kicking and kicking him in a not so friendly spot. Stinker. :)

They both came in weighing 8oz (lower side of normal, but just fine.) One placenta is nice and high while the other is low but mostly likely will move up as the uterus stretches. To say we are doubly blessed is an understatement. I still am in awe that Heavenly Father picked us to be the parents of these perfect angels. I will be driving or doing whatever...suddenly I start thinking of them and the tears just flow. I love them so much already. Aaron is BEYOND excited, I've never seen him this way. And the two big sisters can't wait to meet their 'TWO BABIES!'

I have been feeling fine...I guess. Most of the nausea is gone and I have felt some energy coming back but about three weeks ago I started having a sore throat and my voice went hoarse. I could not imagine what it was. It was getting worse and worse. I finally saw Dr. Teicher and after some hemming and hawing he realized, "It's reflux!" He told me to take any over the counter acid reducer. Of course I turned to the trusty internet, this describes my symptoms to the T! I started Prilosec, saw some improvement but not enough, then I added Zantac (they work differently so you can pair them up), again more improvement but not enough. I finally called the Dr. again on Monday and got no call back. Called again Tuesday and there was no record of my message. I almost broke down with the nurse. I'd had enough. It would wake me at night, my kids could never understand me, and so on. He called in a prescription for Tagament. Let's hope this is it.

Tuesday night I started getting sick and I mean sick. Body aches, chills, throbbing head, stomach. Wednesday morning I just lost it and was a blubbering mess, poor Aaron had to leave me that way. I just felt like I could not handle it any more. I've felt terrible since Christmas...nausea, throwing up, exhaustion, sinus infections, flu, reflux. It was the last straw. After making such a scene, I felt a little better, and we toughed out most of the day. I finally gave in and took some ibuprofen and I felt a million times better.

Hopefully, this is it because I need to enjoy this 'honeymoon' phase!