Friday, November 12, 2010

Ginger Snaps & Cider

I thought I was sort of excited to have a real 'winter.'

But...maybe it's not as great as I thought.

When I get Noelle from the Bus or run to the store, I often just throw on a pair of flip flops and don't think about a coat.

But then....dang! It's c-c-c-cold!

This afternoon we warmed up after school by making ginger snaps and warm cider.

What could be better?

I just love my girl.
She is so dang fun and has a zest for life that would make anyone jealous.
Don't you love her noodle necklace?
Noelle thinks school is the best, best, best thing ever.
Oh, how I hope this continues!
I am excited when she gets off the bus to see what fun projects she brings home.
Goodness, I need a life!!!