Tuesday, May 22, 2012

1st Grader

I am not doing such a great job on my resolution. 
Much has happened.  Maybe I will blog about it.  Maybe I won't.  We'll see.

Meanwhile, she's a first grader.  Just like that.

Call me crazy, but I cannot wrap my head around it.

It literally feels like yesterday that I was getting her ready for her first day of school.  Curling her hair, making her lunch, picking out her clothes, all the while tears were streaming down my cheeks.  Then came the hysterical crying that she was leaving me and Daddy had to take her.  The babies were 8 days old.  I was hardly mobile.  Oh, how fast things change.  The babies sleep all night, eat real food, play with toys, recognize their Mama, and so much more!  Noelle is so much taller, reads almost anything, writes in sentences, talks my ear off, is so mature, independent, and a great big sister.

I just wish time would slow down a bit and let me catch up a bit...