Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Good Time Girls

You know those Jones girls...
they're always prowling around town for a good time.
Here's proof!
We went to the zoo with Savannah, her Mommy, and her two big brothers.
Poor Madeleine, it was torture for her to be in that stroller
but she's too young to do any walking on her own.
The Albuquerque zoo was just beautiful.
So much many flowers in bloom and the grounds were so nice.
I was very impressed.
Get this! You get a family pass for the
Zoo, Aquarium & botanical gardens for $79/year.
There's a huge amphitheatre for summer concerts and special events.
There were more animals than I thought, too!
And they were really close up.
The polar bear was awesome, running back & forth, sticking out his tongue.
My favorite was that monkey wearing the t-shirt!
The giraffes even gave us an extensive biology lesson,
but I decided to spare you that photo. :)
Unfortunately, sometimes chores have to come before fun.
Look at Madeleine cleaning the floors for her Mommy!

One of our favorite games:
'Who's under that blanket?!'
They love to see who can get out the fastest.
Madeleine usually wins. Blanket head and all!

We went to on of those Jolly Jump places and had the best time.
Noelle had road rash all over her knees, elbows, and back.
Note: insist she wear pants & a shirt that doesn't ride.
And my little Miss M! NO FEAR.
Hauling her tush up those things was seriously tiring.
If should could have done it alone, no doubt she would have.

My darling ballerina.
She loves her class and Miss Sara is so sweet.

Pool time!
The weather has been nuts, one night it's pool weather
and then all of the sudden it's freezing and
you've got 2 inches of frozen hail in your backyard.

Summer is Otter pop season!
Instead of getting Madeleine her own,
Noelle suggested they just share hers.
It was priceless.