Saturday, January 7, 2012

Month Three

We have arrived at month three!!! 
And everyone was not just surviving but dare I say thriving?
I love October...the holidays are on their way. YEA!
Although...this year the thought of all the
decorating, baking, costumes, gifts, etc.
made me just a wee bit nervous.

Here are some highlights of our month (not in chronological order.)

We read them books...

Quite a bit of time was spent just looking at their stunning faces.

We got to celebrate it in so many ways...
Had friends over for a hot dog roast and making caramel apples. 
Ward Trunk or Treat
Costume dress up at Ballet
Halloween jammies were a huge hit!
The babies' jammies glowed in the dark and I did not realize this...
First time they wore them and woke up
at night, I had a little giggle.

Pumpkin Patch fun. 
When we got there I realized my camera battery was dead.
This one from my phone was it. Darn.

Sysco bowling party...
We had a blast just like last year.
The girls even won 2rd place in the costume contest!

Finally Halloween came, after soup and rolls with friends...
(missed doing it with you, Neighbor ♥)

Trick or Treat time it was!

Like it or not...these two were there, too.

One night the Ehats called, "Send the girls out right now!"
Chris had rented a a limo for their anniversary and took the family out for frozen yogurt. 
Then they came back to the neighborhood and picked up friends for a dance party.
The limo driver said it was by far the most fun he has ever had at work!
Everyone else just uses him as a DD.

We went to the New Mexico State Fair!
$20 to get in.
$11 so Aaron and Noelle could get on ONE ride.
$15 for face paining we washed off before bed.
$5 bag of kettle corn (value of the day).

And here is where I accidentally deleted all of the other 15 photos.
That I spent 45 precious minutes getting (sort of) formatted.
I could run screaming through the streets.

To Be Continued.....