Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bad, Bad, Blogger

I have been so disappointed in my blogging the last 6 months. But, I am turning over a new blogger leaf. This is our family journal and I want our day-to-day documented as much as possible. Not just a flood a pictures once in a while, what a bore!

So, I am making it public, I will be accountable! Stay tuned, friends and loved ones, things will be more entertaining around here.

So, whats the haps? Things are actually pretty boring for us, but in a good way. As I have said believe it or not New Mexico is a really nice place to live. It will never replace California but we continue to feel that living here is an opportunity and a blessing. There is always a lot to do, museums, parks, community events, festivals, so many outdoor activities. Speaking of festivals we cannot wait for the Balloon Festival!

Aaron is doing really, really well at his job. Loves his bosses here (and the lack of politics) but is still adjusting to the much more lax way of doing business in New Mexico. Apparently, they are not desperate to make each dollar like they are in California. Huh? He has been called as the ward Choir director, he's never done this, so there is a lot to learn. They have their first performance on Sunday, yeah!

Noelle is as happy-go-luck as ever. She has started a new ballet class with someone in our ward. They live right around the corner so she rides and we walk. As always she loves, loves, loves school and everything about it. Nothing brings my girl more joy than getting on that bus, her bus drivers is named Jack and he is an interesting soul. She is growing and maturing each day right before my eyes. Some mornings she will even get up and make her own cereal. She pulls the stool around from cupboard to cupboard to refrigerator collecting all she needs to get her meal together. It warms my heart and grieves me all at the same time. I love watching her grow up but miss my baby.

Then there is Ms. Madeleine. Sometimes she makes me want to have 100 more babies just like her and sometimes she makes me sure that I will never, ever do this again! And talk about growing up...Oh Boy. Someone needs to inform her that she is NOT the adult around here, nor, is she in charge. She loves to give five, kisses, hugs, and 'hit the rock.' Madeleine has never been and still not one for toys. So, the majority of her time is spent: walking behind me mimicking all I say and do i.e. getting dressed, wiping up spills(see above), vacuuming, folding clothes, putting on make-up, getting into everything (most often destroying it), and pestering her big sister. Actually, both of them do a lot of pestering. I think it shows how much they love each other.

Lastly, there's me. I just finally got a calling, I team teach the 6-7 year old primary class. It's a big group with two sweet girls and about 10 rowdy boys. So, one week I teach and the other does crowd control and then we switch. I've never been in Primary and I love it, but I do miss Relief Society. I am slowly meeting people in the ward but it is so dang huge and now that school is in the opportunities for interacting during the week are few. After we drop N off at the bus I have some quality time with M and it is so much fun! Then she goes down for her nap and I have a couple hours of pure quiet, it's so great, I feel guilty! I clean, I get dinner prepped, I organize. Yesterday I watched a movie while folding clothes and then collapsed on the couch in a crying fest (My Sister's Keeper) and watched the rest. What a treat! A whole movie in the middle of the day! Who does that?

Life is good, we are blessed, couldn't ask for more.