Sunday, August 15, 2010

Finally...Surgery Day!!!

The week before the kids were sick and I kept hoping I would stay well. But, a couple days before hand I started to feel horrible and feverish and had a sore throat. I tried to rest, drank water like crazy, fresh squeezed lemons, name it. Aaron and a friend gave me a blessing the night before and I hoped for the best.

When I woke up my fever was fine but as we were walking out the door I felt it coming on. I was freaking out. Everything was scheduled with my kids and Aaron's days off work. Plus, I could not stand the thought of re-scheduling. I prayed for guidance, popped two ibuprofen and we headed out the door and thought "What will be...will be." Now ibuprofen is bad because is increases bleeding but I am not a bleeder, quite the contrary. What a blessing that it worked out fine.

First, I just have to say how funny Aaron was with the camera. He's not one to remember to take pictures and I did not plan on even taking it but he made me run back into the house to get it. "What about the blog?" he said. Adorable.

Checking in.

IV and adorable gown.

Pretty hat and they roll me out.
See you in a while! I'm off to take one serious nap. :)
And all of the sudden you're done!
Then you're home with an ice-pack wondering who on earth just scrambled your brains.
The doctor called me that night to check in and basically said my sinuses were one hot mess. He could not believe all the polyps and diseased, infected tissue he had to remove. Uck!
The first several days I had a headache and the strangest light-headed weird feeling. Saturday night and Sunday my throat was killllllll-ing me. One look at my tonsils and I was shocked. They were HUGE and covered in gunk. All the infection draining down my throat infecting them. That night I took two Vicodin and the pain still woke me up several times. About day 5 is when the real healing set in and my actual nose really started to hurt. The headaches have been intense and the inside of my nose feels like someone punched it. Hard.
I cannot wait to feel 100% soon. I think I am a pretty tough girl. I thought I'd be further along by now. But I am so grateful. Once in a while I get a faint smell of something and I feel hope!
See another post below!

Jemez Mountains

Last weekend before surgery we wanted to do something fun because we knew we would be laying low for a while. Noelle was just getting over a week long fever and it seemed like Madeleine was heating up but we went for it anyway. New Mexico certainly is a desert but it's also an incredibly diverse place. We have so much exploring to do!!!

We drove up to the Jemez Mountains (pronounced Hay-Maas). It's a fun drive because how fast the landscape changes in about 50 miles. First you are in the middle of no where desert...then you hit incredible red rocks...then you are in the forest. The little town is really neat with several B&B's and a bath house from the 1800's.

We wanted to scout out some camping spots, the hot springs, and Jemez Falls.

We got out at a newly renovated campground and heard distant thunder. Aaron though we should get back because that weather would be here in no less than 5 minutes. I old him in nice terms to not be such a baby and assured him the second we felt a rain drop we'd be back in the car. Suddenly we heard what sounded like the earth shattering and down came the rain. We grabbed our kids and ran as fast as we could to the nearest bathroom overhang. Poor Noelle did not feel well and was already whining to go home (which she never, ever does) and this just sent her over the edge. After about 15 minutes it died down enough to run to the car.

Next we saw a sign for a lake and decided to check it out.
We didn't make the hot springs or falls...too far of a walk for our sickie girls.

On our way back we stopped at check out Soda Falls.
(a hot spring that with the rock formations looks like foaming soda!)
and at a stand on the Reservation and bought some fry bread.
Such a great Saturday. Is there anything better than family days?