Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Never a Dull Moment..

Whether fun or not there is never a dull moment in a home with little ones. Something is always going on, someone always hungry, a chore needs to be done, personalities need entertaining. I feel the busier the better (to a degree). When we're home alone too much we all get a little crazy. Here are some recent haps:

We had a few families from our ward over for dinner.
We moved the coffee table into the hallway for the kids.
Noelle and Daddy set the table, she was pleased as punch with herself.
It was a serious Mexican food fiesta!

There were 8 adults and 11 kids.
It was like a circus and a zoo rolled into one.
Seriously fun!

If Madeleine was not right by me it's because she was eating.
Big surprise? Um, no.
Little Brittan sure enjoyed himself, too.
Homemade ice cream!

Saturday Daddy had a big surprise in store for me.
He'd gotten a refund from an overpaid bill and then
he added a little more and we went SHOPPING!
I have been beyond desperate for clothes.
I dread getting ready in the morning.
Old Navy and the Gap had some great sales,
I got a lot of stuff and feel so much better.
Of course, we had to ride the carousel.

Sunday evening the girls were going crazy and so was I.
I knew we needed some action and fast!
Funny how getting in our jammies and
getting out the popcorn maker out changes everything.
Popcorn! Butter! Parmesan Cheese!
Everyone was immediately happy.

And of course there Madeleine's total obsession with
wearing every one's clothes and shoes.
All day long I get her dressed again and pick up
everything she has strewn around the house.
Here she was digging through her sister's
dirty clothes. *sigh*

(Sorry about the HUGE pictures. By the time I realized I was not going to start over!)