Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend In Review

Friday morning before we even got out of our jammies my girls
prepared an excellent meal for their Mommy.
They even set the table!

Then we got ready and took Sis to the bus.
Madeleine and I came home to a snack of yummy toast.
I am loving the quality time with her.
Sorry to say it, but she's so much easier with a sister around pestering her!

Friday was "Feast with the Beasts" at the zoo.
We packed a yummy dinner and headed over.
It's a night for only zoo members, which meant less crowds!
They had music, treats, and all kinds of things for the kiddos.
The animals at night were much more active, too!
Saturday Aaron had a surprise in store.
He wasn't sure how I would feel about it.
His work had an event at the Horse Races.
Uh, what?
Yes, we took our kids to this type of establishment.
It was actually pretty fun.
Noelle loved watching them run
and cheered with the best of 'em.
Sunday has been a great typical day of rest.
Church, lunch & naps, choir.
Rest of the evening spent playing with our girls,
laughing at their silliness and marveling at their imaginations.