Thursday, November 11, 2010

Best Week...

Finally...after months of was time for REFUGIO!

After Ballet on Wednesday we hit the road and headed HOME.

Lucky for us California was in the middle of a heat wave and that meant: fan-tas-tic weather!

After check in, we worked super fast, got camp set up and headed for the water.

Noelle was in Heaven.
It did great things for my soul to watch her.

We stayed there as long as we could.

The next morning was gorgeous again and we headed back to the beach.

Madeleine is not the beach bum her sister is...she's more about the food.

Friday after showers and we climbed in the car and headed North.
We stopped along the way and hiked to a hidden waterfall.
Loved it!

Then we arrived at our real destination. YUM!

Just as we got back from Dinner Auntie & Unc were there.

Everyone loved having them.

Unc's little snuggle bug...

We had all kinds of visitors...

Noelle was so excited to see her cousin, Marissa.

She kept hugging her while saying, "I really did missed her a lot."

Auntie M and the girls had a blast...there was a lot of tickling!

The biggest hit of the campground was the Lena.
Anytime you looked at this dog, she was getting snuggled.
Madeleine chose to sit on her, though.

Noelle loved sneaking up and chasing these little stinkers.

Here's some proof that I was there. :)
Lots of friends came to visit.
We felt so loved!

Danny brought a rocket and over two days we had fun sending that thing up.
It went so high!

A time or two someone did not get their way and a few tears were shed.
What else is new!?!

Before we knew it, Monday arrived and we had to pack it all up.
The kids had a blast playing while the big people worked all morning.

On one of our morning beach walks this toy washed up on the beach and from that time on Noelle and Buzz were best buds.

This post does not even show a fraction of all the fun that we had.
But, I knew I had to get something posted.
Blogger is so irritating and it takes so long.
The Lorenzens were fabulous camping partners.
Card games, camp fires, amazing meals, long talks, it was the best.
A big thanks to Auntie M, The Meldrums, The Keils, The Wildes,
and Ruthie for making the trek to come visit.
Next year we're going to get a group site if it kills me!
Then we'll all be able to camp together.