Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Here We Are

I am sitting in our temporary apartment in New Mexico.

I know people are wondering how we are doing.

Aaron loves it, working hard in his new position.
There is much to accomplished and he has jumped in feet first.

Noelle is well, her sleep schedule is a wreck and that makes for some interesting episodes.
She is her happy-go-lucky self, mostly, with some intermittent break downs over the smallest things. I am waiting for her to ask when will this adventure be over and we go back home?

Madeleine is finally walking!
Not full-time but she tottles from place to place and it's adorable.

Me? You want me to honestly answer this question? I'm a wreck.
I miss home more than words can express.
If someone could tell me how to pull off the elephant that has been standing on my chest for the last week, I'd appreciate it!

I would do anything to be able to hop on a plane back to California and return home to my life of: going over to Auntie & Unc's house every other day, being Liz's neighbor, hiking with Jo, afternoons in the park with my girls, dropping Noelle off at Mrs. Andrea's, driving to Santa Clarita so Noelle can play with Jake & Norah while the Mommies chat, scrambling to get to my R.S. meeting, you name it...I want it back.

I know these things take time but I don't want to wait it out.
I want to be happy again.

We found a house and put a deposit down. We'll see if it works out.
I want to be excited about it, it's beautiful. And it's ONE story!
But what fun is doing all this without those I love so much in California?

I don't mean to sound ungrateful, I am so grateful for my blessings.
I have healthy children and a marvelous husband.
Who could ask for more?

I still know this is the right thing for us.
I'm just not that happy about it right now.
All things in time, right? Right?