Friday, September 24, 2010

My Madeleine

Madeleine and I both love the time we get
to spend together while Noelle is at school.
She is so precious, not to mention pretty dang funny.
Her vocabulary is exploding, loves to snuggle,
is a great sleeper and still a total foodie.
Yesterday she and I shared the best spinach salad!
Although, she must have texture issues because
most other vegetables get spit out.
She just soaks up all of our quality time.
Here we are at the Botanical Gardens
with no big sister taking my attention.

We washed her bedding and
she was completely fascinated.
I can still hear her little voice,
"My pee-wow! My pee-wow!"

Fun times at the park!
Trying to get up the courage to go
down that really big slide.
I feel more than blessed that I get to
be Madeleine & Noelle's Mommy.
We have our moments but
most times I just can't believe I get to
spend every day with these angels.
Several times lately I've met been asked what I do
for a living and I was love being able to
say that I get to stay home with our kids.
And their reactions were fantastic,
"Oh, that's so wonderful!"
"Good for you!"
"That's the way things should be."
And it's not that my husband makes so
much money and we're able to do it.
It's a sacrifice.
We go without a lot of material things
but it's so worth it.