Monday, June 25, 2012


Well, we hit the road again. Can you belive it? Ya, neither can I!
We went to visit everyone in Rexburg.  The girls just LOVE going. They get to run all over Grandma & Grandpa's property, play with all the dogs, and best of all COUSINS! This time was even better because Aunt Jenelle and her family were living in the downstairs basement apartment and that meant cousins 24/7.

Oh, my little Noellie.  You're such a good sis!

Hi, Courtney Ann! 
Mama loves you and all of your funny faces.

Summertime in Rexburg is so pleasant. 
And windy.  Perfect for flying kites. 
Noelle and Carson.

I love it.
Grandpa got the girls an ice cream.
They thought it was terrible.
Can't you tell?

My two men.
Up for funny story?
See Aaron's hair?  Yes, those are blonde tips.
He'll do anything for a free haircut.
Including letting a trainee mess with his hair.
I about lost my mind!

 It's all just so beautiful.
I love this earth God created.

Look!  I was there, too.
Once in a blue moon I insist on proof that I exist.

And, of course, buffalo.
Lots of buffalo.  Buffalo as far as the eye can see.

There were still piles of snow in some locations.
We had a lot of fun stuffing it down Daddy's shirt when he wasn't looking.
And he got me back.  Bad. :)

My two love nuggets. 

As great as it was it was a long time in the car.
A REALLY long time. 
I am not sure who was done first...them or me!

We also were able to celebrate Daddy's birthday. 
36 years old and just getting better & better with each year.

 I absolutely love this kid.
Many hours spent playing, giggling, running and,
of course, cracking the egg.

Noelle, Holly, and Madeleine
That's all I have to share.  :(
There are about a million reasons I would like a another set of arms.
One of them is so I could still take pictures while handling two babies.

Aunt Nicole drove over from Montana, we spent a lot of time with Aunt Denise. 
We loved seeing you!