Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lorenzens 2010

Last Tuesday night my amazing friend Julianna made the trip to visit us. I was so dang excited! The timing was great and horrible. I was so glad to have them here when I was still recovering but I wasn't up to doing everything I wanted. I did my best to rest and keep up.

Wednesday morning we drove back to the Jemez mountains. I thought it was a great way to see a lot of New Mexico in a relatively short distance. First we drove through the reservation and stopped for some Fry bread. We continued up the mountain and stopped at Fenton Lake. It was wonderful. The weather was stunning and the water pretty dang chilly!
We next tried to hike to the hot springs. We didn't think the kids (or I ) could make it but we thought we'd give it a shot. But we were derailed. By a heard of cows. Anyone ever gone for a hike in the mountains and come upon a heard of grazing cows? It was funny & strange. We tried to go around but one of the Mamas let Julianna know in no uncertain terms that we should back off. Everyone had plenty of fun playing in the streams and running through the trees. And my poor Madeleine took such a spill. She was splashing in the water, somehow lost her footing and fell face first down in to the water. Scratched her face so bad. :(

The next morning we took our time with breakfast, Noelle's teacher came by the house for a visit, had lunch, then headed out to the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. We saw some neat dancers and learned a lot about the different Indian Pueblos here in New Mexico.

Then we were headed over to the Temple. We took a scenic route through my favorite part of Albuquerque. A great little area that incorporated itself in the 50's. It's called Los Ranchos de Albuquerque. Huge Cottonwood trees, big beautiful homes, little farms, horse property, etc. We saw a sign for an open produce stand and turned right around. Little did we know what kind of treat we were in for! One day I will own this property. A little inn, organic farm, gourmet restaurant, animals, oh gosh. The life I am destined to live.

And they were so nice to us! Let us play with all the animals, answered our many, many questions. Lucky us showed up when it was time to milk the goat and they let us all have a turn. Yep, I've milked a goat.

Lastly, we made it to the Temple. It was gorgeous.

Julianna had planned on leaving Thursday morning and I could hardly stand the thought.
But, they were having such a good time they stayed another night!
Unfortunately, I was beat. And I mean beat. I'd pushed myself well beyond the limits for two days and although I wanted to do more, I simply could not. The kids were more than happy to just play at home and I laid down for a while. Next thing I knew I was waking up. Then Julianna took the big kids to the $1 theatre and I stayed home with Madeleine.

When they got home we went to Noelle's school for an ice cream social. We loved looking at the campus and checking out her classroom. Lastly, we went to dinner at a local place called Hot Tamales. Yummy, affordable 'New Mexican' mexican food.
There was no shortage of funny faces at the table.
I've left a lot of fun details out, pedicures, yummy homemade meals, board games, Wii, long conversations, so much more.
We loved every single second of their visit and are so grateful they made the effort to come. We can't wait for next time. There was so much we did not get to!
I Love You, Julianna.
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!