Tuesday, April 20, 2010


...That's what I am.

I've been feeling a bit lonesome and completely overwhelmed the last couple of days.
Today was a doozy. Craziness from the minute my feet hit the floor.
So, tonight I am reminding myself of things I am grateful for.
  • Anne of Green Gables. You read that right! Julianna gave me the first two books before leaving CA because I have never read them! Can you believe it? I just finished the first and I'm in love with Anne. Oh, how I wished I lived in Avonlea!
  • My husband who picked up all the Q-tips that Madeleine left from one end of the house to the other.
  • Yummy food. Although, I don't like how it makes my pants feel. :)
  • Madeleine's adorable faces. You have to spend time with her to know what I am talking about. See her picture on the left side bar? At random intervals throughout the day she climb on your lap or crouch down in order to make eye contact with you and make versions of that silly face. It's beyond priceless.
  • Prayer.
  • Forgiveness.
  • Children's story books.
  • Listening to my husband sing my baby to sleep.
  • Sitting down to have dinner as a family. Regardless of the mind numbing craziness that lead up to it.
  • Noelle's funny mind. Examples: #1 when I picked her up from her class on Sunday she came out showing me her hand, which had a piece of paper taped to it with the emblem CTR drawn on it. I asked her what CTR meant and she very excitedly exclaimed, "Choose The Directions!" It really means: Choose The Right. #2 She loves to get the water ready for her bath. I was cleaning up after dinner and she ran into the kitchen naked as the day she was born and while patting the top of her head asked, "Can you help me with my belly button?" When she really meant to ask, "Can you help me take my hair out?" She has such a zest for life, I think it gets in the way of her brainwaves.