Monday, May 31, 2010

Sweet Finds...

Things were a little too quiet so I went looking for my girl.
She was under the table eating an otter pop.

We were heading out and I get to the car.
No one else is there.
Back inside the house.
Daddy's in the chair reading to his girls.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pool Party Fun

Noelle has been going to a fun class for pre-school aged children at the Parks & Rec. Poor girl has been begging to go back to school. They had an end of the year party at the aquatic center. Super Fun! Slides, sprayers,and buckets on poles that randomly dump water.

Noelle was so excited to go before she even came out of her room that morning she had already put on her swim suit. While I was trying to make the sandwiches we signed up to bring for the pot luck lunch, they would not leave me alone.

My solution?

The Vacuum.

Both of them love it and it worked like a charm.

I think it's a great thing that my kids crack me up. :)

Once we made it the Pool, we had a was a blast. We stayed for hours!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Babies

After a hectic and somewhat frustrating morning we finally go out.
We ended up at the aquarium/botanical gardens.
The girls were so good and we a wonderful time.
The weather was perfect.
Madeleine stayed in her stroller without complaint.
Noelle listened and stayed right by me.

It is difficult for me to put how I feel about being a mother into words. They are a dream come true. My heart beats for them. They have done nothing but bless my life. I admit, there are times, I think of what life would be like sans children. The clothes! The vacations! The free time! But those thoughts are fleeting and without them life would just plain suck.
She is such a sweet, tender girl. After she wakes up each morning she climbs into bed with me and I rub her back. I cherish these times and hope they never end. I cannot get enough of her endless, positive energy. She makes friends park. She'll walk right up and ask their name and friends. She loves any and all music but her favorite is hip-hop. She loves the beat. When she hears a song, she immediately knows whether she likes it or not. And she'll memorize it in no time. Her mind is like a steel trap and forgets nothing. Anywhere we go, anything we eat, anything we's locked in for good. Don't make her a promise you can't keep! She loves books and reading is a favorite pass-time. Her mind is a curious one and soaks up information constantly. Lastly, her hero and love of her life is DADDY.
I love her sweet face, soft skin, infectious smile, and happy-go lucky personality.
Oh, boy. This girl runs me ragged. Her curiosity is insatiable. Toys are for babies, she wants big people stuff (as in everything in the cupboards.) The best thing she has going for her right now (besides her blue eyes) is her facial expressions. They keep me smiling every day. Her favorite word is Mama and it never gets old. Her loves of dogs is not normal but it will be fun to see how long it holds out. Every single part of her body is chubby and I can't get enough of it. Speaking of chubby, let's talk about her love of food. She will eat any & everything. Although, she has no problem spitting certain things right out. The minute she wakes up she is asking for food and it continues all day. My favorite thing? She was born a cuddle bug and still is. I could snuggle her little body all day long.
Her quirky personality, adorable waddle, and tongue that is always hanging out.
I love every inch of her.

Monday, May 17, 2010

California Fun!

Our trip was even more fun that I could have ever imagined.
Here are just a new snippets from our super fun week.
The minute we stepped through the door
Noelle could not wait to get back to the way things used to be.
She wanted her toys, her games and all her stuff.
She had to wait until morning and when morning came...
Let the fun begin!!!

For Mother's Day we met Marin and Todd
at the Ventura Harbor for lunch.
We tried to walk around but the WIND!
It was still beautiful...

When we got home Madeleine and Auntie M had a blast.
This baby girl is addicted to getting dizzy. :)

When that was over she decided to spin herself around.

Lena is Auntie & Unc's dog.
She is the sweetest, most wonderful girl.
Madeleine does as she pleases and she just lays there.
Love her.

There is so much we need (uh...want) for the house.
We went with Julianna to Ikea...
I'm not sure who had more fun us or the kids!

We got to see one of Matthew's flag football games
Noelle thought it was the best.
I thought she was the best cheerleader.
Then, there's my sweet Evynn.
The most darling niece ever.
Then there is Lucas....
Our new nephew.
We fell in love with him.
All of us.
There was so much more but this is all we have.
I can't believe I did not get any pictures of sweet baby Naomi.
Things were just too crazy with so many kids.
We're going back next month, so stay tuned for more!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Goin' Back To Cali

I had been thinking about making a trip to California for Mothers Day but kept going back & forth. We have several trips coming up over the next month and I had no idea how Madeleine would do in the car. Late Wednesday night I decided to just do it! Packed up our clothes, made a bunch of snacks and Thursday we were off... We showed up on Auntie's doorstep at 11:15pm.

Happy Mothers Day!

It was a priceless moment.

I have lots of pictures to post. It was an amazing week. One of the best decisions I have ever made. The only bad part was coming home (and the fact that we did not get to see everyone.)

Here is one thing Julianna (and Liz) helped me get done. This was my Grandmas and she didn't have use for it any more.




It was my first project like this and I learned several lessons. We've got some re-arranging to do and it will look so cute in Noelle's room!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Good Time Girls

You know those Jones girls...
they're always prowling around town for a good time.
Here's proof!
We went to the zoo with Savannah, her Mommy, and her two big brothers.
Poor Madeleine, it was torture for her to be in that stroller
but she's too young to do any walking on her own.
The Albuquerque zoo was just beautiful.
So much many flowers in bloom and the grounds were so nice.
I was very impressed.
Get this! You get a family pass for the
Zoo, Aquarium & botanical gardens for $79/year.
There's a huge amphitheatre for summer concerts and special events.
There were more animals than I thought, too!
And they were really close up.
The polar bear was awesome, running back & forth, sticking out his tongue.
My favorite was that monkey wearing the t-shirt!
The giraffes even gave us an extensive biology lesson,
but I decided to spare you that photo. :)
Unfortunately, sometimes chores have to come before fun.
Look at Madeleine cleaning the floors for her Mommy!

One of our favorite games:
'Who's under that blanket?!'
They love to see who can get out the fastest.
Madeleine usually wins. Blanket head and all!

We went to on of those Jolly Jump places and had the best time.
Noelle had road rash all over her knees, elbows, and back.
Note: insist she wear pants & a shirt that doesn't ride.
And my little Miss M! NO FEAR.
Hauling her tush up those things was seriously tiring.
If should could have done it alone, no doubt she would have.

My darling ballerina.
She loves her class and Miss Sara is so sweet.

Pool time!
The weather has been nuts, one night it's pool weather
and then all of the sudden it's freezing and
you've got 2 inches of frozen hail in your backyard.

Summer is Otter pop season!
Instead of getting Madeleine her own,
Noelle suggested they just share hers.
It was priceless.