Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Do you have a favorite spot for watching TV?

I could just pinch those sweet cheeks.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Let me tell you how long all of us (but especially ME!!!!) have been anticipating this day. My brother Joseph and Amy got married! Amy and I have had a special connection since moment one and I could not wait for her to become my sister for real.  I make am so grateful they were able overcome some incredible obstacles and make this beautiful day happen!

First off, I am so grateful for good friends (Casey and Brooke) who took Noelle and Madeleine for us!  We would not have been able to go without their help.  We had a really early 6am flight on Friday morning.  We got a late start, the check-in lines were a mile long, and I thought I lost my ID.  Nightmare!  But we got on our flight and made it to Chicago and then on to Columbus.  The babies did great on their first flight.

Next, it was off to get our car and check-in at the hotel. 
 Then I realized I left my phone on the plane. 
I ran right back and people supposedly looked for it but could not find it. 
What a pain!  I didn't have any one's phone numbers. 

We got to the hotel and it was time for some very important introductions. 
My brothers and sister have not met the babies. 
Love at first sight!
(Babies and Uncle Jimmy)

Then we went to Amy's Mother's home for an open house. 
It was a wonderful evening meeting so many great people and eating some delicious food.
It has been almost 15 years since all of us siblings have been together at once.
Only our brother Adam was missing.

(Uncle JoJo, Uncle Matthew, Uncle Jimmy)

The next day was WEDDING DAY!
And it was pouring rain.  I mean pouring rain.
Supposed to be good luck, right?!
Let's hope the good luck pours down on them.

She was stunning.


Amy's brother, Mike, got ordained so he could officiate.
And he did a fabulous job!
I wish I had words to describe how special it was.
Not a dry eye on that deck.
And it wasn't because of all the rain.

Uncle Matthew, Adam Boy, and Mikes wife Sam

I love this picture. 
He makes this face and does that thing with his thumb all of the time.

Next we went to a Restaurant for a wonderful dinner.
There were toasts by the happy couple.

Matthew said a few words...

Cutting of the cake!

And lots of good times.

Then it was back to the house for more shenanigans...

The next morning was a late brunch and an afternoon spent lying on the grass.
It was divine!

Ohio was so lush and beautiful. 
We had no idea!
Trees, grass, flowers, and brick homes on sprawling lots.
Aaron wants to pack it up and move to the mid-west.
Ha!  He'd be crying his eyes out once winter hit.

The next morning we left for an early morning flight to get home to our big girls.
It was supposed to take us 5 hours to get home but due to mechanical issues, it took 15 hours.
But, once again, the babies did amazing and we were all so happy to be together!