Thursday, April 29, 2010

E-Mail to Unc

Noelle likes to send e-mails to Auntie & Unc. This morning she was up before Madeleine and wanted to send one. Normally, she lets me hold her fingers and we type out the keys. Not today! She wanted to do it by herself. Shocking for a pre-schooler, I know.

i love unc noelle
shark eats a little rock
auntie and unc and noelle go to costco
sean shares rocket

She insisted her name be on the same line as 'I love unc.'
She had to be pink because she's so pretty and her unc loves her.
Auntie should be pink too because she's very pretty.
Other colors were very thought out and specific to the words for various reason.
Lastly, I need to put a sticker on it! (happy face icon which would not transfer over.)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Beautiful Views

Everywhere I look, there is beauty.
Beautiful landscape and beautiful faces!
Saturday & Sunday mornings hot air balloons are all around.
Some fly directly over our roof.
I can even hear them from inside when the windows are open.

Then there is this face.

And this face.
Whom is currently obsessed with vacuuming.
You won't hear a single complaint from me!

This is the view of the Sandia Mountain Range from our driveway.

Lastly, this face again from underneath the bathroom sink.
She apparently thinks she's funny or something.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Something that made my girls giggle:

Rio Rancho, (the city we live in) has so many great parks! Today we went with Noelle's new friend, Savannah, to a park a couple miles from our house. This place was full of all sorts of fun climbing, jumping, swinging and playing toys. But, this slide was the clear winner.

Something that made me giggle:

New appliances!!!

Put this one down in the record books folks, because I can assure you these words won't be uttered again from my mouth.

Doing laundry is kind of fun!

Then, there's this baby, It's big and it's beautiful.

My favorite feature? You can program how much water it dispenses at one time. So, no more overflowing when your little one gets her own drink of water. Or when you completely space out.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


...That's what I am.

I've been feeling a bit lonesome and completely overwhelmed the last couple of days.
Today was a doozy. Craziness from the minute my feet hit the floor.
So, tonight I am reminding myself of things I am grateful for.
  • Anne of Green Gables. You read that right! Julianna gave me the first two books before leaving CA because I have never read them! Can you believe it? I just finished the first and I'm in love with Anne. Oh, how I wished I lived in Avonlea!
  • My husband who picked up all the Q-tips that Madeleine left from one end of the house to the other.
  • Yummy food. Although, I don't like how it makes my pants feel. :)
  • Madeleine's adorable faces. You have to spend time with her to know what I am talking about. See her picture on the left side bar? At random intervals throughout the day she climb on your lap or crouch down in order to make eye contact with you and make versions of that silly face. It's beyond priceless.
  • Prayer.
  • Forgiveness.
  • Children's story books.
  • Listening to my husband sing my baby to sleep.
  • Sitting down to have dinner as a family. Regardless of the mind numbing craziness that lead up to it.
  • Noelle's funny mind. Examples: #1 when I picked her up from her class on Sunday she came out showing me her hand, which had a piece of paper taped to it with the emblem CTR drawn on it. I asked her what CTR meant and she very excitedly exclaimed, "Choose The Directions!" It really means: Choose The Right. #2 She loves to get the water ready for her bath. I was cleaning up after dinner and she ran into the kitchen naked as the day she was born and while patting the top of her head asked, "Can you help me with my belly button?" When she really meant to ask, "Can you help me take my hair out?" She has such a zest for life, I think it gets in the way of her brainwaves.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


That is life for us right now!

Unc came last week and helped us paint the house.
Oh, the craziness!
Driving all over town, making meals on the fly,
naps in the car, wiping noses,
the madness that goes along with house projects.

Friday morning was movers day.
I was up way too early getting things ready,
drove over to the house opened it up for them,
back to the apartment to get Noelle ready for her first ballet class.
Back to Rio Rancho to drop her off and meet up with the movers.

Here she is. Little Ballerina.
My heart could hardly handle it.
I made the mad dash back to the house where this was waiting for me.
I stood there with the world's largest bingo sheet,
marking off each item's number while they hauled my life into our house.
I put these poor guys on hold (again)
and I raced back to get my little ballerina.
Then we broke for lunch. Yum.
Unc was back at the apartment with a napping baby.
What a huge help that was!
I loved spending some time with my girl.
She had the time of her life!
Watching them bring all our 'stuff' out of the crates.
No time was wasted ripping boxes open
and reconnecting with her belongings.
I wasted no time getting the unpacking done.
We worked and worked and then, finally!
Time to pick up Auntie from her late night flight.
We missed her so much all week.
I only took a few pictures of our weekend. :(
Crashed out.
Poor Madeleine coloring on a paper towel
because I couldn't find a coloring book!

Sunday night was our first meal at home.
Good 'ol spaghetti.

Monday evening came and it was time to take them back to the airport.
I wonder how long it will take to get to the point where good-byes don't feel like your insides are being taken out?
We loved every minute of having them here.
We worked, laughed, shopped, and got so very much done.
The house is actually mostly unpacked and live able.
Most of all we just enjoyed seeing each other in person.
We love you Auntie & Unc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010


We've been playing at the park...

Counting down the days until Auntie & Unc come visit!

Celebrated my birthday!
These were the only pictures we took. :(
Marin, Auntie, & Unc sent me these Shari's Berries & Cupcakes.
My, Oh, My!!! They were YUMMY!

My birthday was very low-key.
Aaron got up with the girls and let me stay in bed.
(A little girl snuck away and snuggled me in bed,
that was quite all right!)
He took them out while I got to stay home and
lounge for a couple of hours.
It was heaven.
When they came back to pick me up,
they had gotten my car detailed.
I was thrilled! It was in baaaaaaaaad shape.

The rest of the day was spent running errands for the house, etc.
We had plans to Here for dinner. But the kids were done. So, we got some soup from the deli down the street and ate it on the couch while we watched New Moon. Finally!
Getting static hair while playing on inside toys.

Making Mommy crazy because after she lotioned, diapered
and dressed her for the day, she jumped right back in!

There is more to share! And I will.
There have been lots of requests for more pictures of the house
and I will do that....I promise!